An Invitation from the Owners

Imagine spending every sunset on the oceanfront spa deck at Gold Beach Inn
Imagine spending every sunset on the oceanfront spa deck at Gold Beach Inn

Whoever said, “It is not the destination that matters, it is the journey” never traveled to Ireland’s Rustic Lodges.  For decades, travelers from all over the world have sought out another memorable stay at our distinctive ocean front hotel along the lengthy Highway 101.  Actually, it was the famous American author, Herman Melville, who got it right.  In Moby-Dick, notably the same classic novel where the name Starbucks was derived from for the famed coffeehouse company, Melville wrote “It is not down on any map, true places never are.”.

Just as in our case, as you are having fun driving down Highway 101, you can easily whisk past Ireland’s Rustic Lodges.  Subtly located in the quiet city of Gold Beach that hosts only two traffic lights, it is not apparent that our majestic property exists.  Ireland’s Rustic Lodges is the quintessential hidden oceanfront property jewel.  Hidden for a number of reasons.

Almost a 100 years ago, the celebrity western novelist Zane Grey popularized the thrilling adventures on the beautiful Rogue River, which starts from Crater Lake and ends running into the Pacific Ocean in Gold Beach.

Peaceful paths meander through the cultivated grounds
Peaceful paths meander through the cultivated grounds

Consequently, Zane Grey extended many invitations to visit the Rogue River, a virtually undiscovered natural beauty. Hiring entertaining Rogue River fishing guides, Hollywood’s Golden Era stars flocked to catch a King Salmon and some much needed privacy in Gold Beach. Many of these Hollywood legendary actors found their much needed privacy at Ireland’s Rustic Lodges.

Nestled behind large gorgeous flowering gardens with a tree-lined guard, Ireland’s Rustic Lodges opens upon the panoramic Pacific Ocean’s mighty waves.

Ideally located right in town, Ireland’s Rustic Lodges outstretches along 19 acres of ocean front beach lands with four different accessible pathways right to the threshold of rows of rolling waves. These four private beach paths collectively benchmark the 2005 ownership between Ireland’s Rustic Lodges and the neighboring tallest oceanfront hotel, the Gold Beach Inn.

The lighthouse at Ireland's RV Park - sister property to Ireland's Rustic Lodges
The lighthouse at Ireland’s RV Park – sister property to Ireland’s Rustic Lodges

The Gold Beach Inn has three oceanfront hot tubs on an expansive deck right by the beach where you peacefully listen to ocean waves crash, watching the sunset sink into the horizon, waiting for the moonlight to shine upon the surf. Sounding like a fairy tale? It is not. Even better, it is an unbelievably affordable place to stay.

Strong WiFi throughout, a delicious breakfast bar in the morning, seven HBO movie channels, four ESPN sports channels and a fire pit to roast chocolate s’mores and toast warm drinks help melt away stresses.

Unexpectedly, on the south side of our private lands, there is a low wide berm shielding a 33 space cove of RVs and here, a landmark lit tower lighthouse is accompanied by the shortest path to our golden sand beaches. In fact, Cunniff Creek which is very near to our properties, is the first place prospectors found gold literally on the beach (hence how the city was named). Casually walking from our southern lighthouse to our northern hot tubs demonstrates the sheer depth and wide scale of our lush lands that support seemingly endless flower gardens of various colored flowers that bloom amazingly 12 months a year and magnificent trees among 82 different lodging accommodations to choose from.

Each and every stone fireplace cabin and hotel room or beach house boasts warm decor and artwork of the Northwest style embracing our Oregon Coastal heritage.

Ireland's Cozy Cabins with large wood-burning fireplace
Ireland’s Cozy Cabins with large wood-burning fireplace

Pristine air paired with the aroma of madrone and alder wood wafting out of romantic fireplace chimneys fills the Ireland’s Rustic Lodges’ landscape.

You will find the local people living in Curry County’s Gold Beach feel lucky. Ask anyone. Their answer will be steeped for the purpose of keeping the area a secret. Figuratively, they feel they are sitting on a gold mine; a gold mine they do not want to share. It keeps the population small and the natural wonders big.

There is a local saying, “There is no hurry in Curry”. This saying reflects the heart of our gently beating coastal culture. Here, we let nature guide us, not the city’s hurried beat.

No, you will not find a Starbucks here. What you will find is surprisingly splendid natural wonders that can only exist far away from the city. It is an unforgettable experience waiting for you. Either in solitude perhaps like Zane Gray, or as a couple – perhaps like Clark Gable and Carole Lombard; or as a group of friends and family perhaps like the Hollywood royalty that sought out adventure in a new unspoiled territory. We at Ireland’s Rustic Lodges and the Gold Beach Inn would like to carry on the tradition of inviting you, your family, and your friends to come to the beach – sunny Gold Beach – at Ireland’s Rustic Lodges.  Fortunately, the shamrock is Ireland’s symbol, and the shamrock brings luck to whomever finds it.  We hope you will be one of the lucky ones who will discover and enjoy Ireland’s Rustic Lodges and the Gold Beach Inn.